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Our Capability, What We Do

Modebest is a leading UK Construction Company offering a specialised construction product tailored to the client’s requirements.

Our specialised field of operation encompasses the following:

Groundworks and Substructures

  • Archaeology
  • Arboriculture
  • Bored Piling
  • Bulk Excavations
  • Contaminated Ground Disposal
  • Contaminated Ground Remediation
  • Cut & Fill
  • Decontamination and Removal of Existing Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Demolition
  • Enabling Works
  • External Works
  • Groundwater Management
  • Hard Landscaping
  • Headings
  • Japanese Knotweed Removal
  • Materials Recycling
  • Mini-bored Piling
  • RC Basements
  • RC Deep Basements
  • RC Substructures
  • Section 278 Works
  • Sheet Piling
  • Site Clearance
  • Site Drainage
  • Site Logistics Management
  • Site Roads and Footpaths
  • Site Utilities
  • Stabilisation
  • Structural Steelwork
  • Top Down Construction
  • Under-slab Drainage
  • Waterproofing Systems

Reinforced Concrete Frames

  • Architectural Concrete Feature Finishes
  • Climbing Protective Screen
  • Concrete Floor Topping
  • High Rise RC Frame
  • Jump Form
  • Low Rise RC Frame
  • Permanent Metal Formwork for RC In-Situ Stairs
  • Post Tensioned
  • Precast Concrete Beams
  • Precast Concrete Columns
  • Precast Concrete Floor
  • Precast Concrete Stairs
  • Precast Concrete Walls
  • Slip Form
  • Structural Steelwork Concrete Encasement
  • Trough and Waffle RC Slabs
  • Twin Wall Construction System

Civil Engineering

  • Bored Piling
  • Bridges and Culverts
  • Coastal Works
  • Contaminated Ground Remediation
  • Contaminated Ground Removal
  • Deep Drainage
  • Demolition
  • Earthworks
  • Flood Defence Works
  • Ground Water Management
  • Materials Recycling
  • Private Client Roads and Footpaths
  • Private Client Section 278 Works
  • Public Realm Roads and Footpaths
  • Public Realm Section 278 Works
  • RC Substructures
  • RC Superstructures
  • Revetments
  • River Works
  • Sewage Treatment Works
  • Sheet Piling
  • Structural Steelwork
  • Site Logistics Management
  • Utilities

Builders Work to existing buildings (Special Projects)

  • Alteration Work
  • Brickwork and Blockwork
  • Core Drilling and Concrete Cutting Works
  • Cut and Carve Brickwork/Blockwork
  • Cut and Carve RC Works
  • Demolition
  • Mini-bored Piling
  • RC Basements
  • Structural Steelwork
  • Superstructure RC Works
  • Underpinning
  • Under-slab Drainage
  • Waterproofing systems


These four distinctive yet complimentary fields enable us to offer a one-stop-shop to our clients. We also offer the following services in conjunction with these specialised products:

Temporary Works

  • Façade Restraint and Retention System
  • Ground Freezing System
  • Ground Water Management System
  • Jacking Systems for Props – induced loading in props using flap jacks
  • King Post Retention Systems
  • Mini-bored Piling and Contiguous Piling as Temporary Works Retention System
  • Shoring Systems for deep excavations and basements
  • Shoring Systems for Deep Underpinning Works
  • Shoring Systems for Existing Buildings and Boundary Walls

Value Engineering and Alternative Solutions

  • Buildability Solutions
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Fibre Mesh Concrete
  • Ground Water Management
  • Importing into the UK new equal or approved Products or Systems
  • Innovative Solutions utilising Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Lightweight Construction Methods
  • Off Site Fabrication
  • Post Tensioning
  • Precast Concrete in lieu of In-situ RC
  • Reinforcement Design and Scheduling
  • Top Down Construction
  • Underpinning Methods

Smart Construction and Digital design

  • Design Specialist Packages utilising Business Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Implement Smart Construction Best Practice
  • Interpolate and utilise Business Information Modelling (BIM)

Types of Contract arrangement

  • Domestic Sub-Contractor
  • Nominated / Novated Sub-Contractor
  • Preferred Contractor
  • Principle Contractor
  • Principle Contractor / Considerate Constructors
  • Works Package Contractor


We offer this product and service engaged as a Principle Contractor, Specialist Works Package Contractor or as a Specialist Sub-Contractor on Projects with a minimum value of £1 Million.




Modebest has an Operational Capability Statement, the purpose of which is to demonstrate our Groundworks, RC Frame, Civil Engineering and Builders Work capability and to give our client confidence in our ability to deliver our Specialist Package Works to the specified project quality. Our aim is to provide our client with the best and most professional service possible, to make our team an integrated part of the client’s team and provide innovation, quality, safety and expertise where and when they are needed.

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The Modebest Business Organisation Chart shows the inter-relationship between Modebest and its partners, the Heathrow Companies. It also summarises the services offered by each business unit.


Materials Distribution Center

We own a builder’s yard circa 5 acres in size complete with maintenance buildings and part covered storage area located at Cranford, near Heathrow, West London.

We utilise this yard as a materials distribution centre to sites with restricted storage area. This has the benefit of providing just-in-time controlled deliveries to our sites.



Trading Area

Our trading area encapsulates the city of London, Greater London and the Home Counties up to an area of 50 mile radius from central London.

We will consider large projects outside of this area on an individual basis.



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Recent Projects

Harbour Central, London Docklands

Groundwork and RC Frames


Telegraph Works, Greenwich



Lewisham Gateway, Phase 1B



Colindale Phase 4 – Former British Newspaper Library

Groundwork and RC Frames


“We are a ‘can-do’ company, who value long term relationships and repeat business. We are dependable and will deliver on our promises”

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